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This program is used to change parameters of the LCD screen, for economy and confort purpose.
It may be used by non-root users; they only need to have write access on /dev/toshiba

Display Stretch

(console mode only)

Display Backlight

Switches between 5 levels: off - dark - dim - semi-bright - bright

'off' level can be used if the laptop is accessed via Telnet or Rlogin, or in an Xterm window exported on another computer's display, or included in shells that wake up and switch on later with one among the four 'on' levels.


This program is planned to be used with linux kernel >= 2.2.17 where the toshiba driver is included in the kernel tree.
With the source rpm, just do 'make all' and 'make install'


This program was developped and tested on Libretto,
but may work on other Toshiba laptops


Usage: tosh_lcd [-option]
Set specific parameters of a Toshiba Libretto
  -n,   --narrow   narrow display (console mode)
  -w,   --wide     wide   display (console mode)

  -f,-0,--off      switch off LCD backlight
  -d,-1,--dark     dark LCD screen
  -D,-2,--dim      dim  LCD screen
  -s,-3,--semi     semi-bright LCD screen
  -b,-4,--bright   bright LCD screen

  -h,   --help     display this help message
  -v,   --version  display version
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